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Quick and simple clipboard manager that
lets you keep track of all the text
and numbers you copy to your clipboard.
After you run the application and choose a storage folder for the generated text files, you can return to your usual work routine and hide jClipboardStorage 2022 Crack in the tray. It does not bother you with any prompts or dialogs and it also saves the date and time in the filename, to keep them organized and allow easy sorting when you need to find specific information.
The application enables you to save the storage settings and automatically select the output folder after the execution, as well as to force it to start running directly in the system tray.
View a detailed clipboard text history inside the application. Every time you copy something into your clipboard, the entire text can be viewed inside jClipboardStorage Product Key’s history section. This is useful when you need to see the current contents of your clipboard, but it also slows down your computer a bit, because the application adds two additional steps to the standard copy operation, that need to be processed by the system before you can paste the text somewhere else.
Additionally, jClipboardStorage uses very few system resources while it is running and it only needs enough space on the disk for the main executable and the settings file.
1. Completely customizable, with all the needed features enabled by default.
2. Selects the output folder automatically after the execution and starts running in the tray, without any prompts or dialogs.
3. Tracks words and numbers copied to your clipboard, with detailed information for each copy
4. Detailed history view, that displays all the text snippets in the clipboard, regardless of your clipboard history settings.
5. Multi-platform and currently available for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu 17.04)
Tested on Windows 7 x86/x64 and Windows 8 x86/x64 and supported by VMware Player 1.0.5 and VMware Workstation 7/8/9 and Allowed to install in the memory
System Requirements
– Windows 98, ME or later
– Windows Vista or later
– Mac OS X 10.0 or later
Starting Input
Select a storage folder or enter a custom path and name.
Click on the arrow button on the tray icon.
Click on the button under the tray icon.
Optionally select the output folder, when using custom path.
If you

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Make use of your clipboard history easily and effectively. jClipboardStorage records all copy-paste events in your clipboard and can be used for when you need to find the exact text you’ve pasted somewhere. jClipboardStorage automatically detects new instances whenever you paste something on the clipboard and stores the text, accompanied with the date and time in the filename to keep it organized.


//Sourcecode and a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 machine.

//JClipboardStorage User Interface

//- Initializes the Settings and JClipboardStorage application.

//- Enables the application to be saved in the tray.

//- Imports saved settings, if any.

//- Puts the application in single-instance mode.

//- Starts the application in the system tray automatically.

//- Displays a message box, where you can choose the location

//- of the clipboard file, if any.

//- Cleans up any remaining resources.


DWORD ul_reason_for_call,

LPVOID lpReserved




//Required by most DLLs.


//Required for all processes.


//Required to replace the LoadLibrary API.



case DLL_INIT:


//The application can be hidden in the tray, but it will only do so

//when it is disabled and a full size window is not open.

//return FALSE to prevent the system tray icon from showing.

return FALSE;


return TRUE;


//Initialize a new instance of the jClipboardStorage application



//Will be used to force the application to start in system tray,

//as it will not run unless the

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jClipboardStorage is a small, yet powerful application that lets you keep track of all the words and phrases that you copy and paste, by storing them in a separate text file.
It allows you to monitor the contents of your clipboard, so that you can see the individual words that make up the contents of your clipboard, even after you have closed the editor. This is useful when you want to be sure of the exact contents of a certain key phrase, or when you need to see which of your words will be handled by your browser or email client.
jClipboardStorage stores all the information about the clipboard contents in an archive file, which can be viewed later in the jClipboardStorage history section, in a neat and user-friendly format. By default the history is kept in a folder on your computer’s disk, but you can also customize the path, if you want to save the files in a different location.
jClipboardStorage allows you to browse the archive file content by date, so that you can easily see every word that has been added to the history file over a certain period of time. You can also decide to not see duplicate words in the list and to avoid wasting memory in saving old and redundant files.
jClipboardStorage is extremely fast in performance, takes up very little space on your computer’s disk and it does not bother you with any prompts or dialogs when you need to choose the target folder. The little message box that appears the first time jClipboardStorage is run is actually quite useful, as it makes sure you are not simply ignoring a launch instruction.

jClipboardStorage Details:
jClipboardStorage is a small application that enables you to monitor the contents of your clipboard. It uses a file as a storage medium, so you can keep track of your clipboard history throughout the day.
jClipboardStorage is not a replacement of any other clipboard manager, it uses a different approach from all the other applications. Instead of relying on dialogs, it actually monitors your clipboard and saves the contents in an archive file that contains only the words that have recently been copied to the clipboard. Therefore, jClipboardStorage offers a completely new approach to viewing the contents of your clipboard, and it delivers very useful data for future reference.
A feature that sets jClipboardStorage apart from the other clipboard managers is that it does not store any information about your clipboard history automatically. It is not even a

What’s New In?

* Save clipboard history to text files, to keep a clear history of what’s been copied and pasted
* Supports Auto Run for specifying output folder for new text files
* Hide the application or tray icon when not in use
* Supports easy to use settings to quickly select output folder when executable is started
* Supports many different keyboard shortcuts
* Keeps running in the system tray, even after exiting the application
* Cleaner and more efficient than a full clipboard manager
* Browse through all its files
* Supports Win7-style tray icons and customized toolbars
* Exposes a context menu to directly open the selected text file in a word processor
* Fixes the JVM error Windows 64 bit reported when loading jClipboardStorage.exe
* Tweaks includes to support Windows 7
Download the main executable from this page.
Please contact me, if you find jClipboardStorage useful and want me to update it, fix any bug you might find, or add a feature you would find useful.
NOTE: jClipboardStorage is free for personal use, as it’s entirely open source. Feel free to make available your own version of it, with bug fixes or updates, or even completely different software.
NOTE: jClipboardStorage is not compatible with Microsoft Office 2017. It uses its own clipboard in place of the office clipboard.
More Info and License
– Version 0.8 Beta (oldest stable version)
– Version 0.9 beta (0.9 alpha 2)
– Version 0.9 release
– Source code available on GitHub (
– jClipboardStorage is free for private and non-commercial use
License: GNU General Public License v2.0
See also:

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The goal is to have a small, light, and efficient clipboard
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* easy-to-read messages
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System Requirements:

A fixed-screen television, stereo, or video player.
A TV antenna to pick up GameCube programming or other “free” material from your local TV station or cable provider.
A Nintendo GameCube system.
At least 128 megabytes (MB) of hard disk space, though a 400 MB version of the game is also available.
An Internet connection (high speed Internet service and/or a wired Ethernet network) to download and save game data, patches, and online content.
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