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. are working together to bring a New Earth into being, the collective consciousness will rise to a new order of being. I appreciate the teachings of every spiritual tradition, because all of them have value, but in my opinion, I find that Hinduism is the only religion that teaches that we are already capable of manifesting the New Age, the new reality into being. That’s what Buddhism and Christianity call the New Age, as well as many different folk traditions, but Hinduism calls it The Age of Enlightenment.

Here is an example of how Hinduism is different from Christianity. All Christians believe that we are sinners who need a Savior. In the Christian faith, Jesus is the Savior of all. Nowadays people tend to think of Buddhism as a religion of peace, but in India Buddha was a warrior-king and had many other teachings and practices. He taught that we cannot bring about peace unless we are prepared to take up weapons. So the two religions are not the same.

Now let’s turn our attention to the second part of this doctrine. The second part of the Aldous Huxley doctrine says that only the richest and most powerful nations will survive. In history there have been many civilizations that have remained around for a very long time. Rome is an example. It survived for centuries, but the power of the Romans declined. Now they will soon disappear. Since Communism is incompatible with the law of karma, it will not last very long.

And why will the people of the United States have to move to Mexico? They will not be able to do it themselves. They have no land. They are going to have to be taken out in a helicopter. They are going to be fed through a tube.

I have many questions in mind about this essay and it invites comments from people who have deeper knowledge of New Age teaching. However, these are only a few questions that I’m bringing up to show that Aldous Huxley got some of this doctrine right. For example, he wrote: “The most powerful and richest nations, having the richest cultures, are most dangerous. They are so saturated with destructive forces that their apathy with regard to the rest of humanity must inevitably result in their downfall.”

In the book Brave New World Huxley goes on to say, “The nations of the world have been engaged for over one thousand years in the struggle against the forces of darkness. Whoever wills the new world shall have it.” And the New World Order Huxley is speaking

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