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This is a small utility which allows you to open multiple files in all standard Mac applications in a matter of clicks. Simply specify the application you want to use and type its path.

Call out to Urgant Click : A script to help Urgant Click, a free tool for app makers, add shortcuts to your apps.

But when you think of APIs, it is mostly about doing things over the Internet.
Wireshark, however, is a LAN tool and is not like that.

Imagine a situation where you have a desktop PC, a laptop, a phone, and an iPod, and you need to use the same user account on all these devices.

The wireless keyboard and mouse are shown as being in use, but I only have one mouse (a wired one), a keyboard, and the aforementioned iPod.

The Wi-Fi hotspot seems to be on all the time, even when I haven’t touched the devices (not even the iPod), and after the wireless network is disconnected, it won’t connect again.

Your network is really fast; it’s not only fast, it’s super fast. It’s faster than your network cable, faster than a solid state disk, faster than a CD, faster than a DVD, and even faster than a DVI to VGA adapter. It’s super, super fast.

Many of us will have experienced this before when using wireless networking at a restaurant or airport or when using a portable device.

However, network speed is often not what it seems.

To ensure that you’re getting the fastest performance possible when browsing the web, logging into your services, or downloading large files, you’ll need to have a few settings tweaked to enable your computer to run faster.

Speed Limit Settings

The first thing to look at is your current network speed.

To do this, open the Network and Internet connections window, which is usually on the Control Panel.

In the left panel of the window, click the small plus icon to open the pane containing your connections, and you should be presented with a list of your networks.

Double-click your connection to open it, and you should be presented with a dialog box that shows the current speed of the connection.

You should see the name of the connection followed by a number of bytes per second, such as Gb/s, Mbps, or Kbps.

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Peachtree Password Recovery Key is a useful, simple and fast application designed to retrieve lost or forgotten password to Peachtree Complete Accounting file. It is very easy to use, and is capable of locating your company files and folders by looking up their content on the hard drive. It also enables to scan the recent files, folders and passwords by accessing them with a simple click of a button.
Key features:
* Access to recent files and folders
* Retrieve password for Peachtree Complete Accounting file
* Generate and print plain text report after recovering your password
* Copy password to the clipboard
* Copy selected text from the file
* Generate passwords list
* Scan the recent files, folders and passwords list
* In Business size
* Supports.PTF file format
* Support 8 character password maximum
* Default language is English
* It can be downloaded from the link below

iRun4 is a windows utility that allows you to run a batch files (.bat) and a shell script (.sh) on your computer.
The utility iRun4 provides you a simple GUI to browse files and the batch files.
iRun4 supports batch files from the following systems: DOS, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.
iRun4 also provides you the shell script handling for these batch files.
The interface can be minimized into a system tray, so it will not take any space on your taskbar.
Features :
Support BAT file, SHELL script, FOLDER button
Support for File selection
Support for Explorer Right Click
Support for Explorer Context Menu
Support for Windows Registry
Support for Recycling Bin
The shell script support also allows you to run a batch file (batch.bat) from the shell scripts ( with your code.
You can add or remove the functionality of batch files with only one click.
Also, the “Start a script” shortcut key can be used to launch a shell script.
The user can choose the “Open command window” or “Open PowerShell” window to open the shell script.

ACCDBORUN4 can help you run Windows batch file. This software is very helpful for those who are not familiar with batch file. With ACCDBORUN4 you can easily run Windows batch files with


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