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The Rewind Google Search is a desktop widget and a web widget and it is intended to help people search for anything they want from Google.
A desktop widget will sit on your desktop, like you would on an actual search box.
Rewind Google Search will go directly to Google, and allow you to search for anything from the list of popular search terms on the desktop search box.
Install Web Widget:
Simply download the widget and then upload it to your website.
If you are looking for a professional widget then our engineers can install this widget for you.
Rewind Google Search User Interface:
When you install the widget it will look like a regular search box.
You can type in search terms and it will go to the homepage and search.
■ Yahoo Widget Engine
Coupon Code:
Please take advantage of the 30% off coupon code and use our payment gateway (PayPal).
You can use this credit code for only one day.
You can also use this credit code for a lifetime.
Rewind Google Search is very easy to use.
You only need to type in the search box and it will search for it on
Rewind Google Search Price:
The Rewind Google Search is priced at $35/year.
You will be charged automatically when you install the widget.
Rewind Google Search is only available for desktop and web.
Rewind Google Search FAQ:
You can send us an e-mail and ask any question you like.
We will respond within 24 hours.
You can also contact us on the Support Page if you have any problems.
You can also send a Support Request to our Support Page.
Please check our Customer Support Page.
Rewind Google Search Free Trial:
You can download a free trial for three days.
After three days, your free trial will be expired.
So you will be charged for three days.
Rewind Google Search Languages:
The Rewind Google Search has been translated to 19 languages.
You can see the complete list of available languages on the widget.
Rewind Google Search Free Trial:
■ Yahoo Widget Engine

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GIIRA is an open-source Java-based application that is designed to identify gene
regions in a genome based on a RNA sequence mapping and mapped reads. GIIRA also
automatically predicts gene isoforms and eukaryotic genes. The source code is
distributed under the GNU General Public License.
– GIIRA can predict gene regions based on a RNA sequence mapping of two or more
Seqreads or a RNA-Seq mapping.
– GIIRA can identify gene isoforms.
– GIIRA has functions for generating maps for RNA-Seq read mapping and variant
– GIIRA can identify putative protein coding regions in a genome based on
information from a protein-encoding gene database.
– GIIRA provides an option to estimate and calculate the false-positive rate of
gene prediction based on gene length, number of reads and the number of
If you do not have a Java JDK installed, it can be found at

GIIRA can be installed from a zip file and copied to a directory of your
choice. The files needed to run GIIRA are:
1) GIIRA.jar: This is the GIIRA application.
2) giira-data.jar: This is a data model of giira and includes some Java classes
of the data model.
3) giira.jar: This is the giira data model
4) dbi.jar: This is the database interface. It is used for the Seqreads and the
RNA-Seq reads mapping to a database.
5) ui.jar: This is the GUI.
To use the giira application with Java, there are two methods available. Either
use the user option to start GIIRA with a Java command or start GIIRA through
an executable file. If you choose to use the command line option, you have to
specify the path to the directory that contains the giira application and the
giira data model. After you run the command, you have to change into the
giira data directory and to extract the giira.jar file from the zip file. After
you extract the giira.jar file


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