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Background Image: The background image file and its location are important options that set the mood, layout, and look of the image. For example, this photo, in its original location, was created by partially covering a six-pack of beer and photographs of plants.

The location of this image file is the left side of the folder on the Downloads panel in Bridge.

Figure 1-2 shows a preview of a photo file that would be renamed `15f4ed1edb70.jpg`.

**Figure 1-2:** Preview an image in Photoshop before saving it.

See “Inverting an Image” in this chapter for details on how to do image edits in Photoshop.

Setting the Look of an Image

In this exercise, you use Photoshop’s myriad of options to set the mood and feeling of an image.

1. Create a new document that’s 4 inches by 4 inches and save it as a Photoshop Image.

2. Double-click the new document’s tab to import an image to the background.

Images that are imported are called Background Images.

Don’t worry about viewing the image first; you can view the document in place of the background as well. The file named `15f4ed1edb70.jpg`, shown in Figure 1-2, is a sample file.

3. From the appearance menu, choose between Classic and The Order Of Things. Then choose Screen from the Environment pane.

This step enables you to preview your background image.

4. From the Type panel, choose a text style to add to the image. Select Italic from the Type options and then click Add.

A text box with the font and size you selected is now displayed at the bottom of your document.

Type your text.

To see an image change over time, Photoshop may be faster if you use the Background Preview feature. To display the Background Preview feature, click the Background Preview button at the bottom left of the layer thumbnail area to the right of the canvas window.

5. Arrange the text so it’s in the center of the canvas and move the background image so that it covers the entire canvas. Then press the Page Down key to fit the image to the left side of the canvas.

When the image reaches the upper-right corner, it turns to show that it’s “selected.”

6. You can now delete the background layer from

Download Photoshop Versi Lama Android

Over the past year, we have been working on making Photoshop Elements even better. Here is a look at some of the new features that we are adding to Photoshop Elements 2018.

Touch editing in Photoshop Elements

The new touch editing feature makes it a lot easier to use Elements for tasks such as retouching and cropping photos, or placing your photos on a canvas and framing them.

Select the small pencil icon to the right of the image on the task bar. Then select from several tools by tapping the tool icon in the center of the task bar. The tools are similar to those of Photoshop, but with a new tactile interface.

Once you select one of the tools, the screenshot of your image is displayed at the bottom of the screen in the same view you are working in. Then you can drag the image around the screen while using the mouse and see your changes reflected in the image. To finish editing, select the Done button to exit.

As you touch the image, you can see the pixel-level precision of the editing features available. We built tools for selecting colors, resizing, adjusting contrast, and adding text.

As you select items in the Edit panel, a text overlay appears over the image. This is helpful when you have the item selected, and want to apply an action, or when you are removing parts of an image.

We also added a seamless expand and contract feature for the photo editor toolkit. You can drag the controls off the edge of the screen, and the editor allows you to view the image on a smaller scale.

The new tool works with both the Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and Standard (1280 x 720 pixels) mode of the monitor. When the tool is in full-screen mode, it occupies the entire screen.

In any tool, you can configure a Boolean operation to control how the image is merged with your chosen action. You can preserve the texture of the image or merge it with your action using the texture options.

You can also make the changes to the image immediately without rendering.

Finally, there is a better user experience for cropping photos in the new crop tool. As you add new points to the cropping, the image is more accurately aligned to the crop handle. There is also a more pleasant experience when using the crop tool.

For example, a hairline mark

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[Perioperative management in the inpatient geriatric long-term care facility in Germany: a concept].
This article provides a description of the perioperative management in in-hospital long-term care facilities. Primary target is the use of evidence-based guidelines and practical recommendations in order to improve care quality and patient safety. Geriatric long-term care facilities (LTCFs) play an essential role in the care of the frail elderly. Geriatric surgical practice is part of the LTCF process. It was given the highest priority within the European care system, by the EPOS (Europe OnLine Services) Project. Perioperative care in geriatric LTCFs is unique. Its specificity is due to the median age of patients admitted and their dominant geriatric medical condition. Geriatric LTCFs require a special perioperative management. The LTCF model of care for perioperative management is characterised by: (1) geriatric (2) inpatient (3) acute-care (4) surgical. In Germany the geriatric LTCF is introduced and operated by hospitals. Despite a high number of LTCFs in the country, a harmonisation of care process is missing. An effective collaboration between participating centres on the regional, state and national level is missing. The perioperative management in the geriatric LTCF is different from that in a traditional acute hospital setting. Perioperative care is a challenge for geriatric physicians. A model for perioperative care in the geriatric LTCF, which is based on evidence-based guidelines and practical recommendations is proposed.Ned Stark

Based on the novel by George R.R. Martin

Cast: Ian McShane, Robert Forster, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Richard Madden, John Bradley, Ewen Bremner, Stephen Payne

First-time writer-director Alan Taylor pulls a fast one on viewers with his new take on the epic story of Robert Stark (Ian McShane) and the Wars of the Roses, playing out across three timeframes.

In a smart move, the show’s beginning is entirely silent. As a child, Stark is tormented and whipped by his father (Peter Dinklage), while his mother (Lena Headey) gives him as much milk and affection as her own body can withstand, living up to the show’s all-knowing, child-like narrator.

Fast forward to a

What’s New In?


Let user create dynamically an ObservableCollection of IComparable

I have created a class, where I can add some settings to a list of settings.
public class Settings
public int Index { get; set; }
public bool Collapsed { get; set; }
public double SettingsValue { get; set; }
public string Name { get; set; }
public bool Grouped { get; set; }

How can I let the user define, what settings he can add?
public class SettingsForm : Form
ObservableCollection mySettings = new ObservableCollection();
public SettingsForm()
Controls.Add(new GroupBox { Text = “Group ” + “Settings” });
for (int i = 0; i < 10000; i++)
Settings setting = new Settings();
setting.Name = "Setting" + i;
setting.Grouped = false;
setting.SettingsValue = i * 100;
setting.Collapsed = false;
Controls.Add(new Button { Text = "Add", Height = 30, Width = 200 });


You'll have to use custom control for this. Here's example of a CustomControl to make a grid. Each row is a control:
public partial class CustomControl : Form
public CustomControl()

public class CustomControlRow
public int Index { get; set; }
public bool IsSelected { get; set; }

public class CustomControl

System Requirements:

Windows 7 (32/64 bit) or higher.
PlayStation 4 Pro
Xbox One X, 1080p HDTV, must be connected to PS4/XBOX One with High Speed internet to play
1080p HDTV with Internet connection required to play on PS4/Xbox One
For game play and file management features, you need an internet connection. Multiplayer games do not require an internet connection to play
Most adventures are expected to require 5 to 10 GB of free space on the hard drive, depending on the number of installed


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