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KeyMacro is a Windows application designed to make it easy to create your own key-based macro and to control a keyboard macro when you type. The application allows you to create key-based macro which can be triggered by a single keystroke or a combination of keys. It also allows you to configure a shortcut-sequence to automatically perform some actions or to save the macro. The main features of KeyMacro are:

Create KeyMacros

Use KeyMacros with Hotkeys

Control KeyMacros

Save KeyMacros

Save KeyMacros with Hotkeys

With KeyMacro you can create KeyMacros that can be triggered by a single keystroke or a combination of keys. You can also change the order of the keys to perform a specific action or to trigger a keymacro. The default order of the keys is the one defined in the Keyboard Settings of the Keyboard and Mouse control panel. You can also use the Fn key for some keys, like the Backspace, Enter and Tab keys. To perform this, you can use the menu bar that you can get with pressing F4 key.

You can use KeyMacro with a Hotkey as a alternative to the Alt key. You can configure it for a lot of actions and assign it to a key on the keyboard. You can also assign a Hotkey to perform a specific action in a keymacro.

The KeyMacro can be saved, so when you next restart the application, it will open your saved KeyMacro.

The KeyMacro can be configured in two ways:

Settings mode: You can assign a key and a key sequence to perform a specific action. Then you just need to hit the appropriate keys or press the right Hotkeys to perform the action.

Shortcut mode: You can select a keymacro and assign it a shortcut. When you hit this shortcut, the action of the keymacro will be performed. For this, you need to have a set of Keymacro.

KeyMacro will be able to activate the following files:
















.odp d82f892c90

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If you are a power user of Windows who uses a lot of Hotkeys, you will probably use your Windows environment for a lot of things. But if you use a Hotkey to access your favorite Web sites, you might run into the problem that you can’t find the site you’ve just typed into the browser. You’ll end up having to type the URL in the navigation box. And sometimes you’ll accidentally type a URL that you didn’t intend to type.
What JetLinks will do is scan through the current “bookmarks” for your browser and if it finds a matching URL, it will take it out of your bookmarks and replace it with the one in the program.
JetLinks supports multiple databases for the bookmarks. You can choose between a database with XML files or just a list of files. The program will scan through all files and if it finds a match, it will replace the bookmark with the new one.
The URL can be downloaded in two different formats. One is the plain text format that JetLinks can handle easily. The other is an HTML file that JetLinks can save the link to and display it on the screen.
This is a simple program that allows you to add URLs, links and bookmarks for you to use easily, and it’s very easy to use. So if you want to free up some of the space in your browser bookmarks, give this program a try.
What’s New in This Release:
■ Updates to address issues and suggestions from the Beta testing.
■ Support for Windows 10
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
Required Software:
You will require an installation of Internet Explorer
Zip File size: 1.5MB

The MediaWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of MediaWiki 1.27.6. This is a bugfix release, and all users of the software are encouraged to upgrade. New features in this release include improvements to the code that handles the translation of the software and changes in how pages are included in the MediaWiki software that simplify the process of creating and maintaining new pages.
Important information regarding the 1.27 release is available on the development wiki.
Download the latest MediaWiki binaries or source code from our download page:
The complete list of fixes since 1.27.5 can be found in the 1.27.6 release notes. There are also important changes made since


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