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AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack delivers professional-grade drafting and modeling tools, creating a complete design solution for both small- and large-scale projects. Use its tools to create 2D or 3D drawings, 3D models, and applications. Draft 2D construction projects with architectural and civil engineering tools, print 2D drawings directly to paper, or create a 3D model of any geometry to view in 3D. Or use AutoCAD to create animated, computer-generated, and synthetic-image videos (VIVO) and visual effects for film, television, and the web. AutoCAD gives you the freedom to design with confidence.

Autodesk’s current version of AutoCAD is the 2017 Release (17.0). Previous versions of AutoCAD can be installed on a current 17.0 machine via the installation files in the file directory in which the program was originally installed. To uninstall previous versions of AutoCAD, delete all the files in the folder that is named for your version in the AutoCAD install directory (typically Program Files (x86) on the Windows operating system and /Applications on Mac OS X).

AutoCAD 17 is available in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. It can read, write, and interpret common CAD file formats, such as dxf, dwg, and g-code. It is available for Apple and Windows operating systems and is the current release in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

This guide is an excerpt of the Autodesk Autocad 2017 download page. See that page for more information about AutoCAD and the technical aspects of using the software.

This guide includes instructions for:

Downloading and installing the software


AutoCAD Setup

Editing and formatting


Graphics and rendering

Using the Drawing Setup Manager

Using the Manage Bounding Box tool

Using AutoCAD’s freehand tool

Loading and saving drawings


Adding and editing annotations

Editing text




Saving and opening files


Rasterizing graphics

Creating PDF files

Placing objects

Inserting layers



Creating PDF files

Creating 3D and 2D objects

Using 2D and 3D dimensions

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Integration with many CAD applications. AutoCAD Cracked Accounts is designed to integrate with other software, such as Revit, Inventor, Open CASCADE and others.

AutoCAD allows customized menus and menus for Windows, Mac OS X and iOS platforms.

In 2009, AutoCAD was announced as the official CAD program for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting program produced by AutoDesk. It is used in the areas of architectural, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. It can be used for 2D and 3D, as well as drafting and documentation.

AutoCAD comes with a set of tools for creating drawings. These tools are grouped into functional areas, known as “categories”. The category system was redesigned in AutoCAD 2009. Other than this the software has been released in many different versions over the years. AutoCAD is available as a stand-alone application for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and for Linux. AutoCAD is available for the PC as well as for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, MAC OS, and other platforms.

Approximately 75 percent of the drawings used in construction are created using AutoCAD. Over half of the projects in the U.S. with a value of over $1 billion use AutoCAD. More than 40 million drawings are created each year in the United States. It is the standard for 2D and 3D drafting and documentation.

AutoCAD’s history

AutoCAD’s roots date back to 1981, when Bob Whitehead, then a systems programmer at his employer of 17 years, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, began writing a computer program for plotting drawings for the first medical lasers used in cancer treatment. It would later be named AutoCAD.

Autodesk acquired the rights to AutoCAD, making it their flagship product in 1990. Over the years, AutoCAD has become the industry standard for CAD.

In October 2012, it was revealed that the entire core of AutoCAD, namely the product’s scripting and application programming interfaces, have been ported to a virtual machine, which enables other applications to access and benefit from the existing features of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD X platform

AutoCAD 2012 introduced a new XML format, dubbed “XML”, used for sharing information in the same file between programs. The new format

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See examples below:

Works with all Autodesk software, with the exception of Architectural Desktop,
Aplicom AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and Revit software (see “Important Notes” below)

Steps to use Autocad 2018-2020 activation keygen tool:


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What’s New In?

Color Table in the 3D Editor:

Create a color table, which stores all the colors used in your drawings, and automatically recalculate that table whenever you change your drawing colors. (video: 1:40 min.)

Freeform Label Modifier:

Use the Freeform Label Modifier to display your own text labels, text boxes, or freeform shapes. (video: 1:42 min.)


Automatically refresh your drawing objects in real time. Refresh designs automatically as you draw, even when the drawing is shared.

Rotate, Scale, and Distort:

Control how designs interact with the drawing canvas. Rotate, scale, and distort objects in the drawing, in addition to controlling the size and location of individual objects.

Added Placement Control:

Add placement constraints between your design elements, or between them and your drawing canvas. (video: 1:23 min.)

Bezier Curve Properties:

Control the shape of your Bezier curves. (video: 1:26 min.)

Directional Guide:

Use a directional guide to control the placement of parts of your design. (video: 1:37 min.)

Auto-Complete Textbox Properties:

Add context-sensitive textbox properties to your text objects. Use auto-complete to quickly and accurately control your textbox formatting and dimensions. (video: 1:37 min.)

Shape and Path Properties:

Control all of the properties of your shapes and paths, including the fill color, stroke color, and line style. (video: 1:46 min.)

Path Tagging:

Connect paths to shape, text, line, and arrow tags using a simple, graphical interface. (video: 1:27 min.)

Shape Snapping:

Drag and drop to snap lines, arcs, and shapes to each other, or to the drawing canvas.

Bevel Properties:

Constrain a bevel path in one or more dimensions. Add bevels to objects or to the edges of object’s border. Use the Rounded Corners tool to apply a bevel to corners of a drawing. (video: 1:39 min.)


Create circular arcs and circles. (video: 1:37 min.)

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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