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* Free download of IE Proxy Switch, size 6.01 Mb.
* IE Proxy Switch is an easy-to-use application that facilitates a straightforward method for applying proxy settings when connecting to the Internet.
* Setup, prerequisites, and interface
* Manage and activate proxy profiles
* The program can minimize to the systray to become non-intrusive and let you carry on with your regular computer activity.
* It shows a balloon message to indicate the active proxy and enables you to disable it from the tray icon’s right-click menu. However, it doesn’t list the proxy profiles in this menu to give you the possibility to swiftly select one.
* IE Proxy Switch doesn’t have a rich set of features, but it offers a simple and effective solution for creating multiple proxy profiles.Q:

How to access and read remote database in Android

I want to make an app that I can read data from a database in the remote server. How do I do that?


To access the data on a remote server you need to find the data and then post it to your local server, like so:

However, you cannot access databases via a web service unless the server you are connecting to supports it.



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2008 Democratic State Committeewoman


This Member has an excellent reputation and has served on a statewide committee since 2006.



Approved the creation of the WA State Clean Air Coalitions and participated in the development of the Washington State Energy Tax Credit Program and Clean Energy Regulator.Q:

Can’t install mongoose – where can I ask questions?

I’m trying to install mongoose on my system but I can’t do it.
the command to install mongoose:
sudo npm install mongoose

I get the message:
npm ERR! Failed to parse json
npm ERR! Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing near ‘…’

I’m looking for answers but it’s not an easy question to ask. eea19f52d2

Manage multiple accounts

Read and compose messages

Create filters

Calendar and schedule events

Integrate with Google services

RSS feeds

Set POP/IMAP and Exchange server locations

Set e-mail signature

Resend messages

Connect to Exchange server

Compose offline messages

View message preview

Import/Export mailbox

View e-mail headers

View message content

View message attachments

Foxmail Screenshots

Review Foxmail


By Patrick

It’s a pretty good mail client if you’re using multiple accounts.



By tim3

Foxmail is a good mail client it is free.

Developer could use a little improvement


By billy

Developer could use some improvement

Well worth the download


By Jessalyn

I am using it every day. It just works.

Great Client


By marty fox

Great for my needs



By marty fox

Foxmail is a very good Mail Client.

Excellent free e-mail


By Thiago F

Very easy to use, simple, clean, fast, intuitive. I recommend.



By alex wanabe

Great app.



By Mike

Overall, a good app. All functions are present, except the ability to mark messages as read. Also, is it possible to have a public/private folders? Thanks.



By Guest

I have been using it for some time now. It’s a simple interface that does what I need it to do.

Good Mailing Client


By Randall

It is ok, no real support other than through the web site.

Love it


By Emjay

So much easier and quicker than using the Gmail interface

Email Manager


By pcman9

Good email manager for multiple accounts. Can’t think of anything else it does well though, all it does is email.Q:

Why can’t I insert the date into the table if I don’t add the DEFAULT to the D


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